Conversations in An Tairseach: from past dreams to future visions

Conversations in An Tairseach: from past dreams to future visions

Thursday, 15 Apr 2021

3:00pm – 4:30pm

Conversations in An Tairseach: from past dreams to future visions

Over six weeks we will engage in a series of conversations with inspiring people who, following in the footsteps of Thomas Berry, have animated expressions of the ‘dream of the earth’. From embryonic beginnings of An Tairseach, we will hear from Miriam Therese MacGillis OP, founder of Genesis Farm and Marian O Sullivan OP co-founder of An Tairseach and others. Almost thirty years ago in the face of many challenges and struggles, both institutionally and personally, these women took Thomas Berry at his word and began their own Great Work. In doing this they paved the way for a new understanding of human- Earth relations and established a way of living that could both honour and teach this. These were the beginnings of a radical change in an understanding of how to live community and have influenced and shaped many religious and non-religious communities throughout the world. 

Some thirty years later, the questions remain as real and as urgent. What is the ‘Great Work’ of our time? How can I contribute to building the Earth? Handing on the baton to future visions, we will converse with thought provoking Diarmuid O’Murchu MSC (bestselling author); Cathriona Russell (formerly Director of the Masters in Ecology and Religion at All Hallows College) and Niamh Brennan (author of ‘The human in the Universe’) about contemporary tasks that face us, encouraging us on viable pathways into the ‘Great work’ of our times… 

Cost: €30 for each individual session or €150 for all sessions

Please note that bookings will close at 12 midday the day before each conversation.

All conversations will take place on a Thursday except for the conversation with Miriam T. McGillis which will take place on Saturday 24th April.


Thursday 15th April   

An Tairseach – the story unfolds 

Helen Mary Harmey OP in conversation with Colette Kane OP 

Moving into the Ecozoic era is the great work of our time according to Thomas Berry. In the mid- 1990s An Tairseach embraced the Universe Story as its founding vision. What were the inspirational voices? What calls were heeded in this full-hearted response to “Care of the Earth”.  Colette Kane OP the current Director of the Centre will interview Helen Mary Harmey OP who was on the leadership team in the 1990s with a mandate to respond to the call “Care of the Earth”. 

Saturday 24th  April 

The Elders – Miriam T Mac Gillis OP in conversation with Niamh Brennan 

Miriam was a student of Thomas Berry, creator and co-author of The Universe Story. She is the foundress of Genesis Farm and a catalyst for many such developments in the United States. Miriam worked closely with Dominican Sisters in Wicklow at the early stages of An Tairseach’s development. She has had a great influence directly and indirectly with many people and institutions. Her artistic imagination gave birth to the Cosmic walk which has been incarnated in many countries and indeed continents today. 

 Thursday 29th April 

The Elders continued, Marian O Sullivan OP in conversation with Niamh Brennan 

Marian O Sullivan is co-foundress of An Tairseach. Niamh will interview Marian on the challenges, influences, actions and birthing of this important project. Why was the name An Tairseach chosen? Have the objectives been fulfilled?  What aspirations and future visions does Marian still hold?  

 Thursday 6th May 

Integrating the living cosmology – Covid 19 and the Anthropocene  

In dialogue with Diarmuid O’ Murchu the conversation this week will focus on the recent pandemic and its long-term ecological and spiritual implications. Covid 19 is an urgent call to reclaim our status as earthlings, creatures with a seven-million-year evolutionary story, now fixated on a new wave of human domination, (named by some as the Anthropocene), proving to be perilously dangerous for our future on this earth. What will it take for us to heed this global wake-up call? 

Thursday 13th May 

Integrating the living cosmology – a critique of the technocratic in light of the ecozoic 

Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’ rejects current excessive anthropocentrisms, and offers an ‘integral ecology’ framework with which to reassess our technological abilities and to reorient our societies and economies. Cathriona Russell (Trinity College Dublin) will explore the theological ethics aspects of this model in caring for our common home. 

Thursday 20th May 

Integrating the living cosmology – the philosophical challenges we continue to face? 

The expanse of the philosophical challenge before us is vast. In light of the ecozoic principles of Thomas Berry, Niamh Brennan will explore and tease out some of the implications of this expanded paradigm for humankind. 

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Thurs 15th April: An Tairseach, the story unfolds
€ 30.00
Sat 24th April: The Elders – Miriam T Mac Gillis with Niamh Brennan
€ 30.00
Thurs 29th April: The Elders – Sr Marian O\\\’Sullivan w/ Niamh Brennan
€ 30.00
Thurs 6th May: Integrating the living cosmology – anthropocene
€ 30.00
Thurs 13th May: Integrating the living cosmology – technocratic
€ 30.00
Thurs 20th May: Integrating the living cosmology – philosophical
€ 30.00
All 6 conversations
€ 150.00

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