A Celtic Christian Journey of the Heart – Crossing the Threshold Home

presented by Deirdre Ni Chinneide

Dates:             17th – 22nd June 2019

Cost:                €450 (inclusive of deposit)

Deposit:         €100

Mon 17th June:
4.00pm-6.00pm      Arrivals and registration
6.00pm                      Supper
7.30pm                      Opening Session
Departures after lunch on Sat 22nd June.


To journey through the Celtic world is to travel widely.  The call to remember with this ancient civilisation, our ancestors, is to retrieve that which we have lost and longed for in these current times.  During this five day retreat, Deirdre will guide and explore themes of soul loss, disconnection and the return home to the Spirit of God within.

Celtic Christian Spirituality becomes our well source, as we journey through life, death and renewal, our connection to nature, the redemption of love and the splendour of creation.

There will be a strong element of personal reflective, meditation and prayer time both individually and in groups and crossing the threshold through music, ritual, meditation and prayer, we are invited to the union of one note, the song of who we are and can be, singing and praising the gift and glory of creation.

Deirdre Ni Chinneide is a trained psychotherapist, spiritual director and workshop facilitator.  Deirdre has worked all over Ireland, the USA and Europe including Bosnia and Kosovo.  The Aran Islands with its unique history, culture and natural beauty provides a special setting for the retreat work, and was the place of inspiration for Celtic passage, a journey of the heart which Deirdre leads through music, reflection and prayer.

Deirdre divides her time between the Aran Islands and the mainland offering retreats, workshops and performances of spiritual music. She also works part time with Partners in Faith, a Catholic adult faith education programme working in marginalised areas in Ireland.

Laudato Si—Care for Our Common Home | What is Mine to Do?

presented by Anne and Terry Symens-Bucher

Dates:             15th to 20th July 2019

Cost:                €450 (inclusive of deposit)

Deposit:         €100


Mon 15th July:

4.00pm-6.00pm      – Arrivals and registration
6.00pm                      – Supper
7.30pm                       – Opening Session

Departures after lunch on Sat 20th July.

Retreat with Anne and Terry Symens-Bucher


The encyclical Laudato Si—Care for Our Common Home is named after the Canticle of Creation, which was written by St. Francis of Assisi at the end of his life.  After describing our current global context, the encyclical challenges us “to dare to turn what is happening to the world into our own personal suffering and thus to discover what each of us can do about it.”  We understand this as a call for each of us to find our soul work—what is ours to do in this “one wild and precious life.” The wilderness guide and depth psychologist Bill Plotkin defines our soul as our “niche” in the world.   How can we find our soul’s work in the world–our own unique and beautiful contribution to the web of Life? How can we know whether or not we are doing our soul work? We will explore these questions and possible answers through prayer, poetry, song, Scripture and the Work That Reconnects (Joanna Macy).  We will use the lives of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi as inspiration to find our own way in the world.

Private Retreats

Individuals and groups are invited to make their own private retreat at An Tairseach with use of both accommodation and facilities.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and availability.