Education for Sustainable Development, Knowing our Place: From Stardust to Sand

Education for Sustainable Development, Knowing our Place: From Stardust to Sand

Monday, 1 Jul 2024 – Friday, 5 Jul 2024

9:30am – 3:30pm

An Tairseach Organic Farm & Ecology Centre presents Education for Sustainable Development, Knowing our Place: From Stardust to Sand. 

WHEN:    Monday 1st July to Friday 5th July 2024

PRICE:     €120 includes course content, delicious freshly prepared organic lunch using our own farm produce, teas/coffees & snacks.



The overall aim of this course is to provide participants with the confidence and competence to teach the Story of the Universe; the effects of global warming and the necessity of Environmental awareness and care. To apply the SSE six steps process to the teaching of geography. To help participants develop a sense of place through communicative methods; to know their place – from the story of the universe to the local school environment. To develop an understanding of appropriate geographical concepts. To foster curiosity of participants and develop environmental awareness and care of the environment.

Specific Learning Outcomes for Participants:

Day 1 – Nature Environment Planet Earth and Space:

Knowing our place in the Story of the Universe, from the Big-Bang to the present day. Participants will be enabled to develop their knowledge and understanding of the story of the universe. Understanding the importance of sunlight as a source of energy. Develop a simple understanding of the story of evolution and develop a positive attitude and interest in the natural environment.

Day 2 – Environmental awareness and care. Climate Change                                                                                                                        

To foster a sense of responsibility for long term care of the earth and to promote sustainable use of the earth’s resources. To become familiar with the effects of climate change on habitat/animals/polar regions.

Human Environment Our School campus.

To develop a sense of place through the use of a range of communicative methods  with the development of graphicacy.  To identify and learn about the main natural features in the locality e.g. canal/parkland.

Day 3 – Environmental awareness and care. Our Locality

Investigate and learn about the main natural feature in the Ecology Centre. Use of Ecology Centre environment to observe and develop understanding of the effect of weather an seasonal changes. Physical processes, which have shaped or altered the landscape. Become aware of ways people/animals have altered/exploited natural environments. To stimulate curiosity about local (and wiser) habitats.

Day 4 – Human Environment from Farm to Fork

Develop understanding of where our food comes from. Identify needs for growth/soil/air water sun. Become familiar with vegetables, and plants to grow and develop in a school garden. Develop a sense of personal and community. Appreciation and responsibility for the local environment.

Day 5 – SSE six-step process for Geography

To enable participants SSE six step process to enhance the teaching and learning in their school with specific focus on the story of the universe, climate change and care of the environment.

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